SUM IV – Loyalty through data and digital certification on blockchain

Barcelona Music Tech Hub (BMTH) keeps growing with members from different musictech verticals, with high added value projects that we wish to make visible on a regular basis. In this sense, we co-organized the fourth Stand-Up Meeting (SUM IV) together with Arenametrix, and with the participation of Certifydoc. 

It was inspiring to listen to Ludovic Bordes, co-founder of Arenametrix, and Lauriane Saint-Denis, Area Manager, on how their platform innovates in digital and segmented marketing, enhancing participation and engagement at events, as well as facilitating smoother communication between organizers and assistants. Ludovic emphasized the importance of data centralization for effective event monetization, while Lauriane outlined the company’s growth in Southern Europe and touched upon their recent selection as MTEA finalists. 

In his presentation, Mario Scalabrino, co-founder and CEO of Certifydoc, demonstrated how blockchain technology offers effective and accessible copyright protection. Combining blockchain, data interoperability and electronic notarization, he presented how his team’s expertise enables innovative solutions to reduce plagiarism in the music industry. In addition, Scalabrino conducted a practical demonstration, engaging with the entire audience, thus providing an interactive and tangible experience highlighting the potential and practical application of such technologies in the sector.

As usual in SUMs, the 25 attendees were offered an opportunity for networking and sharing visions and experiences at the end of the event. At this point, we would like to thank Arenametrix for their proactivity in hosting and co-organizing the event, and La Peña Business Club for offering such a privileged space in the center of Barcelona. Special thanks also to the attendees for their participation.
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