SUM II – Artificial Intelligence

The last few weeks have seen a great deal of media buzz about Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based tools. Disruptive solutions, especially in the technological field, usually lead to this kind of reactions and, in the case of those that can affect such a wide range of sectors, even more so.

The music industry, always at the forefront of digital transformation, is also part of the debate and, with the emergence of AI, faces significant challenges and opportunities. As an association of companies in the sector that unites technology and music, from the Barcelona Music Tech Hub we are aware of the need to build spaces of trust to be able to exchange information and expert opinions on the present and future of these new technologies. 

That is why for the second Stand-Up Meeting (SUM) of the association we decided to focus on AI and invited Sergi Jordà, professor and researcher at the Music Technology Group of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (MTG-UPF), who shed light on the technological advances in this field and shared his vision of the challenges and opportunities it brings to musictech professionals. It was a real pleasure to learn from his career and research, and to be able to share impressions in a relaxed environment. 

In addition to this presentation, during the SUM we also invited members of the Hub to share their experiences of applying AI in their projects. In this case, Gonçal Calvo, head of innovation at BMAT, gave an overview of how the company has combined research and technological application in its business model. A clear example of the knowledge transfer that we are committed to at BMTH. 

This meeting, like the previous one, took place in the Pier01 Auditorium of Tech Barcelona and, at the end of the event, the nearly 20 attendees were able to enjoy a networking time on the terrace. We would like to thank the Tech Barcelona team for their support. 
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