Wallifornia Music & innovation summit

From July 6th to July 7th, the WALLIFORNIA MUSIC & INNOVATION SUMMIT will gather the global Music & Tech professionals and provide the most inspirational talks on innovation for startups, music professionals and investors. 

They offer a 2-DAYS SMALL & PREMIUM EVENT («the Davos of Music&Tech»), 100% B2B and rich in experiences. The whole Summit will take place in the center of Liège, in 2 adjoining spaces (le Reflektor and la Cité Miroir). 

A small event that offers panels and keynotes to support

  • Skills development,
  • CXO’s level discussions,
  • Network diversification,
  • Trends identification,
  • Conclusive collaborations,
  • Live & Music celebrations (inside Les Ardentes Festival).

All the startups of wallifornia accelerator will be present, including two Catalan startups that are members and/or sympathizers of the BMTH: Moonai and Kloov. 
The perfect opportunity to meet them in real life and listen to their pitch during the DEMODAY. The evening of July 7th will take place at Les Ardentes, in front of the main stage, in a VIP area, with a meal concocted by famous Belgian chefs! A nice way to celebrate 2 intense and rich days and to INITIATE NEW COLLABORATIONS!

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