SUM III – Funding and Knowledge Transfer

Part of the mission of the Barcelona Music Tech Hub (BMTH) is to collaborate with entities that help promote the growth and recognition of the differentiated musictech sector. Likewise, among the strategic priorities of the association are to (1) promote innovation, (2) attract capital to the musictech sector, and (3) build a network of collaborations that facilitates the transfer of knowledge between industries.

In line with these premises, and in parallel to the establishment of collaboration agreements, for the third edition of the BMTH Stand-Up Meeting (SUM) we invited representatives of DIH4CAT (Pau Pamplona), i2CAT Foundation (Àlex Romaguera), and the Funding Service of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce (Xavier Garcia), three leading institutions in the Catalan area, who presented the existing opportunities for members of the Hub.

Thus, this SUM offered the attendees the possibility of having information about the options of participating in European projects and obtaining public and private funding. It was also an opportunity for our associates to establish direct contact with institutions that are closely linked to the public administration, that support the entrepreneurial and innovative world, from small to large projects, and that are facilitators of technology and knowledge transfer between sectors.

Unlike the two previous editions, this meeting took place at the offices of BMAT, a member of the Hub, and at the end of the event, the nearly 30 attendees were able to enjoy networking in their magnificent facilities. We thank them for their support.

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