“How will AI coexist with human music? The future is now“

The Music Technology Research Group has published the article “How will AI coexist with human music? The future is now”. This article is the result of the work carried out in recent months to understand the challenges and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies in the music sector through an open dialogue in which around 100 professionals have participated related to music at national and international level (music industry professionals, music creators, music students, music technology developers, copyright lawyers…). The article, written by Karma Peiró, journalist specializing in ICT and MTG collaborator for this project, presents the reflections and concerns arising from this process. Listening to different voices within the music industry is essential at a time like this, when AI applications are growing rapidly. Only by understanding the real needs and concerns of the parties involved can solutions be created that support a fair and transparent digital transformation of the sector.

The article is available here